Advice for Being a Sugar Daddy

sugar daddyWhat is a sugar daddy? The meaning of "sugar daddy" is not as simple as the surface of the word. To be a successful sugar daddy is not simply to give the financial support of sugar baby in exchange for the sexy body of the other party, it is not easy to find a good sugar baby. If you want to be a successful sugar daddy, you have to pay more in many ways. There are a lot of things that need to be solved in order to be able to live in harmony with your beloved sugar baby.

Show respect

Most sugar daddies are more successful mature men that means enough gentleness and respect for women. Although this relationship is informal compared to traditional dating, that does not cancel out the fact that it is still a relationship between a man and a woman. Sugar baby is not your subordinate but your body and spiritual partner. You must learn to please her and let her not only get money from you so that the reward you get on her will definitely exceed your contribution.

Set up clear boundaries

Make it your duty to identify and establish what the expectations and boundaries are going to be like in this relationship. Since this relationship belongs to a mature interest relationship, there must be a clear boundary in the relationship between the two parties. For example, in the normal life of both parties and the friends of both sides do not bother each other. Do not be afraid to be upfront, as this will make life easier for both of you.

Do not make money the centerpiece of the relationship

Although the relationship between sugar daddy and sugar baby is based on money, it should not be the core of the relationship and mutual respect is the key to the relationship. Especially sugar daddy, if you can do whatever you want with sugar baby just because you provide money to her, you are wrong. Believe me, don't use money as a bargaining chip for both sides if you want to have a good relationship.

Show an effort

Both sides should be more emotional when they are together. This refers to the pleasure of not only sex. In order for this relationship to last for a long time, both parties should have a common interest or a joint effort for something. For example, sugar daddy can teach your sugar baby more life experience and some business knowledge so that she can grow better at the same time a woman has certain desires and still needs to be kept happy in a relationship. In short, sugar daddy To be more concerned about each other's feelings can get along better.

There is nothing wrong with being a gentleman and showing your sugar baby that you care for and respect her. Understand that any emotional and physical investment you decide to show her will be reciprocated and returned if done right. So if you wish to have the best, be the best for her.

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